Asked on Oct 22, 2017

What’s the best way to clean a screened-in porch?

EmilyLeisa YeagerSandy


I used the water hose once, shop vac (hubby did for me) and swept it. Does anyone have a simple and easy way to do it?

3 answers
  • Sandy
    on Oct 22, 2017

    I also had one when we lived on a heavily wooded property. it was constantly dirty and I struggled. Then decided to use the leaf blower from inside blowing out! Huge difference as I even cleaned the screens!
  • Leisa Yeager
    on Oct 22, 2017

    Agree with leaf blower...wash all sills let dry .the leaf blower
  • Emily
    on Oct 22, 2017

    WE have pretty much always had a screened in porch in this house (over 40 years) it is screened from about a foot from the ceiling to the floor. Each summer I have washed the house wall with a brush and soapy water and the screens with same thing, that give it a good hosing. During the summer I sweep the floor. No leaves get into the porch through the screening and I don't understand how that can happen.
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