Easy DIY Table Runner - Autumn or Anytime

A simple and creative table runner could be just what you are looking for to bring a little something extra to your table or buffet. This is a great idea for any party. Be sure to check out the full post for more lovely autumn decor ideas.
Time: 20 MinutesCost: $5Difficulty: Easy
  • easy diy table runner autumn or anytime
Last Thanksgiving, we hosted the family dinner. Now, I have hosted many large family parties for holidays and other occasions over the years; but this time, I had a much smaller house to make the most of in a functional and pretty way. I no longer had the drop-leaf tea cart or extra buffet to use for additional serving space, and that meant my table had to be special without a centerpiece taking up valuable space.

I love setting a beautiful table, and making it all festive and seasonal, so what was I going to do?  I plowed through my tote of Autumn decor and found some silk leaves in all the gorgeous autumn colors. And then, I had a fantastic idea–I could create a lovely table runner with these leaves!
  • easy diy table runner autumn or anytime
To make this idea be functional, I needed to construct a table runner and not just throw loose leaves all over the place. Loose leaves would be a mess and a nuisance as guests passed dishes around the table. But, I also did not want to ruin my silk leaves. I wanted to use them again. So, here’s what I came up with…

  • Silk Leaves (Snowflakes, Hearts, Shamrocks, Flower Petals, Stars, Cupcakes, Dinosaurs, or any shape of choice–think Die Cuts)
  • Tape
  • easy diy table runner autumn or anytime
How To:
  1. If you have items of different colors or sizes, separate them by color and size.
  2. Take a couple of pieces and turn them upside down on your work surface.
  3. Tape the pieces together so the tape will not show from the front side.
  4. Add one piece at a time, taping them together until you have constructed the length or shape table runner you like–the possibilities are endless.
  5. Carefully flip the runner right side up, and place on your table.
  • easy diy table runner autumn or anytime
Could this project be any simpler? I don’t think so. And, I have to tell you, my table runner was a huge hit at Thanksgiving.

I love the way the runner has a little depth with the openings left in the design and the ruffled, not quite flat lay of the leaves. Our food platters sat atop the runners easily, but the leaves poked out in vibrant bursts of color, absolutely stunning. I used leaves in other areas for decoration, so it all tied together nicely.
  • easy diy table runner autumn or anytime
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Suggested materials for this project:

  • Decorative silk leaves  (Oriental Trading)
  • Tape  (Target)
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