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Don't leave the crafting just to the adults... kids love crafting too! These 15 best DIY Crafts For Kids includes crafts the kids can do on their own, plus crafts you can do together. Win-win!
1. Rainbow Friendship Bracelets

The kids can do this clever DIY craft on their own with just a little help from Mom and Dad. The adorable sister trio at KidsCraftsByThreeSisters shares a full video tutorial on how to make these cute rainbow popsicle stick friendship bracelets. All you’ll need are some jumbo craft sticks, paint and tissue paper, and you can create these friendship bracelets in any color! Check out the full tutorial here

2. Personalized Tie Dye Pillowcases

Personalized tie dye pillow cases are a fun and easy DIY for kids. This inexpensive DIY will show your kids how to tie dye their own unique pillowcases and matching pajamas. Hometalk kid crafters Shaun & Kyra take you through their step-by-step instructions for easy tie dyeing. This is a great project for a birthday party or group craft night!

3. Baking Soda Side Walk Chalk

If you have kids, you know that when summer rolls around, you can go through buckets of sidewalk chalk. Here’s a great DIY for kids; have them make their own inexpensive chalk with just a few common household ingredients. Grab some corn starch and baking soda, add some color, and this DIY baking soda sidewalk chalk = good old fashioned summer fun!

4. Garden Markers Five Ways

Kids can enjoy gardening as much as adults, but sometimes it’s hard to wait for all those seeds to grow! Here’s a great gardening DIY for kids that your favorite littles can enjoy while they’re waiting for your seeds to sprout. Hometalker Chas shares her five favorite garden markers here. All of them can be made from materials you have in the house, and ALL of them are kid friendly! Check out the full tutorial here
5. Mythical Creature Solar Lanterns

This creative twist on the classic fairy lantern will be a great hit with the kids. It’s one of our favorite DIY crafts for kids! Hometalker Ileen Stephens wanted to make fairy lanterns, but her boys weren’t thrilled with the idea of fairies, so she tried dragons and unicorns and they were a smashing success! These beautiful creative lanterns can be made for almost next to nothing with recycled glass jars, some paint and a little bit of patience. Check out what Ileen and her kids did and you’ll want to drop everything and try these with your kids too.

6. Play Tent For Kids

While this DIY for kids is not one the kids can create on their own, they will absolutely LOVE this play tent when you make it for them! Hometalker Andrea wanted a play tent for the kids, but didn’t want to pay an off the shelf price. With a little bit of woodwork, some fabric and a lot of love, Andrea shows us the step-by-step process he used to create this beautiful and affordable tent for kids. You can make this for the kids or the grand-kids and we guarantee, it’ll be well loved for years to come! Check out the full detailed video tutorial
7. Six Easy Wood Crafts For Kids

We’re always looking for cheap and easy DIY crafts for kids and here are six in one, shared by Hometalker Stephanie Abbott. Stephanie’s three year old daughter was able to do almost all of these on her own, but they are perfect for teens or adults too. These inexpensive wood crafts can be themed as seasonal DIY crafts for any holiday, and can make great gifts for teachers or grandparents. Check out the full post here

8. DIY Mickey & Minnie Mouse Pillows

Everybody loves our favorite mice, Mickey and Minnie, and now your kids can make their own DIY craft for kids with these adorable DIY Minnie and Minnie decorative pillow covers. They’re easier than you might think; if you can trace and color, you can make these! Once you get the hang of these, the kids can choose their favorite characters or design and make any pillow they’d like. Enjoy!

9. Glitter Gem Stone Soap

Soap is so easy to DIY, and it makes a great craft for kids. The kids will need some adult supervision for this one, but they’ll love this awesome DIY glitter gemstone soap. Hometalker Julien K. shares her recipe and instructions for making your own soap. You’ll need glycerin soap, soap dye, and you can add the kids’ favorite colored glitter to make this DIY soap extra fun. When the soap is ready, you can carve them out into any shape that works for you. Fun and functional!

10. Hair Accessory Holder

Finally a solution to get all those hair accessories organized! The adorable sister trio at KidsCraftsByThreeSisters shares their super cute and easy DIY craft for kids that will help your kids organize their hair stuff and other accessories, and de-clutter their room. The kids will have an easy time making this one on their own; they’ll need some paper towel rolls, decorative paper and mod podge. They’ll get organized, and they’ll have a blast making them: win-win!

11. ATM Piggy Bank For Kids

We all want our kids to learn the value of saving their money, but it can be a bit ironic when you look at the prices of piggy banks these days! Enter your next DIY project for kids. You’ll need to help the kids with this one, but with some cardboard and a bit of patience, you can make them an awesome ATM that will help them learn both the value of their money and the priceless value of a good DIY!

12. Flower Pot Photo Gift

This adorable DIY craft for kids makes the perfect gift for grandparents or teachers. The sisters at KidsCraftsByThreeSisters show us how to make this flower pot photo gift in just a few easy steps. They wanted to create an extra special DIY gift for their grandma’s upcoming birthday, and you can too. Grab your favorite photos, a simple flower pot, and some imagination, and let the creating begin. We’re sure Grandma will love it!

13. DIY Washer Necklaces

This easy DIY craft for kids combines two things kids love: jewelry and crafting! It’s sure to be a hit with all ages. Your kids can create these adorable washer necklaces with a few simple household items, and they’ll have a blast making them and showing them off to their friends. They want to make more than one? No problem! Perfect for gifts or their growing collection.

14. Boo Boo Bunny

This DIY project is one you can make with the kids or for the kids; either way, your kids or grandkids will love this boo boo bunny! Hometalker Chas shares this easy DIY craft for kids. You’ll need a washcloth and some googly eyes and your kids’ next boo boos will be manageable with the help of this adorable bunny that will both soothe and distract until your little one feels better.

15. Super Kids' Dresser

After years of telling your kids not to color on the furniture, now they can! Well, kinda ;) Check out this amazing DIY project; a decoupaged kids’ dresser using coloring pages. Your kids will get a huge kick out of seeing their dresser covered in their favorite characters they colored themselves. You’ll need mod podge, and coloring help from the kids. Once you see how easy this is, the possibilities for the future are endless!

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