Asked on Oct 23, 2017

How to get hundreds of flies out of a log cabin and keep them out??

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  • Roxaneg
    on Oct 23, 2017

    Bug bomb the log cabin.

    While you and the ones you love are outside, try to determine where they are getting in. Caulk those areas. Bad screens? Replace.

    If they are getting in when the door is open, you might need to invest in a bug zapper for the inside or fly strips or the like.
  • Lyn29758101
    on Oct 24, 2017

    I have experienced flys coming in my home on occasion but never like this..My neighbor recently got 5 cows..An along came the flys,10-15 a day in my house..Yuck!
    I remember reading somewhere put water n penny's in a plastic bag and hang outside your door. Ta da. It works. I put a couple penny's in a Ziploc bag and tied it to my screen door handle outside. An then I put 1 on the door chain on the inner part of my screen door . No more flys in the house.
  • Rls31436189
    on Oct 24, 2017

    Fly tapes.
  • Dick Hullfish
    on Oct 24, 2017

    Feed them outside.
  • Catherine Martin
    on Oct 24, 2017

    We had this problem in a cabin with yellow jackets so we set a fire in the fireplace,shut the damper so place filled with smoke which killed them or ran them out.Open windows and use fans to get rid of smoke. If you have air conditioning,turn it as low as possible,that will freeze them out. Good luck.

  • Ginny
    on Oct 24, 2017

    Has something died in the cabin?
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