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How to Use a Paint Sprayer - Even Inside of Your Home!

Need to spray cabinets or furniture? An airless paint spray will speed up the time it takes and provide a smooth finish.

I was able to use one inside of my home to paint a HUGE carved armoire.

Links to all products used and how I set up to use and airless sprayer inside of my home are found on my blog and for your convenience I've linked below!

The cost listed included the airless sprayer.
Time: 5 Hours Cost: $300 Difficulty: Medium
What was I painting? Dark stained carved furniture. Two nightstands and an armoire.
Large armoire in my master bedroom that couldn't be moved. This is what had to be painted inside of my home.
Step 1: Find a location to spray. I set up my garage as a spray station.

Step 2: Mask off the garage floor with painter's plastic and masking tape.
Step 3: Set up a spray shelter on top of prepared surface.
Step 4: Clean furniture thoroughly to make sure primer adheres properly.
Step 5: Place furniture (if possible) inside of spray shelter. This shelter can be used outside and staked into the ground, if a garage isn't available.
Step 6: Set up airless sprayer per the manufacturers instructions. I used a Wagner Studio Pro painter that comes with two nozzle attachments for different finishes/paints.
Step 7: Start with primer and I recommend Valspar's Bonding Primer. I strained the bonding primer prior to using to ensure smooth coverage.
Step 8: Spray a thin layer of bonding primer and let dry overnight.
For furniture and cabinets, I recommend Valspar's Cabinet Enamel. I dries hard like an oil finish, but is water based for easy clean-up. Not top coat is required with this paint.
Step 9: Spray a thin layer of cabinet enamel. Wait about 4 hours to re-coat. Dry overnight.
For the full before and after, plus tips, tricks and products used please visit my website!

You can see how I was able to spray this armoire inside of my master bedroom!

Materials used for this project:

  • Valspar Bonding Primer   (Lowe's)
  • Valspar Cabinet Enamel   (Lowe's)
  • Wagner Studio Pro Paint Sprayer   (Wagner)
See all materials

To see more: https://www.porchdaydreamer.com/paint-sprayer-best-project-ever/

Ask the creator about this project

  • Pat Ruge
    Pat Ruge Murrieta, CA
    on Oct 25, 2017

    What can you tell me about the spray booth/tent? I have been on the look out for a two man tent. Is this what you have here? It is exactly what I want before I begin my really big spray paint project. Yet, you do not mention it!!!

    • Porch Daydreamer
      Porch Daydreamer Davidson, NC
      on Oct 25, 2017

      Please visit the link at the bottom, where I go into lots of detail about the items used in this project. I love the spray shelter! Set up in just a few minutes and contained the overspray.

  • Joanne Hurtubise McDonald
    Joanne Hurtubise McDonald Santee, CA
    on Oct 31, 2017

    Wow! Looks beautiful!

  • Judy Bunch
    Judy Bunch Dunlap, TN
    on Oct 31, 2017

    This is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Traci McIntyre Noche
    Traci McIntyre Noche Orangevale, CA
    on Oct 31, 2017

    Did you spray the armoire inside your room? If so you are very brave

    • Porch Daydreamer
      Porch Daydreamer Davidson, NC
      on Oct 31, 2017

      I did! Please see how by following the link to the original blog post

  • Suzanne Martin
    Suzanne Martin Canada
    on Oct 31, 2017

    Why not tape a plastic room around the area of the armoire (like the people who remove asbestos do) from the ceiling to the floor (both taped) to create a paint booth for the armoire right in your bedroom? Wouldn't that be simpler?

    • Porch Daydreamer
      Porch Daydreamer Davidson, NC
      on Oct 31, 2017

      The air blew the plastic and the horizontal surfaces and walls were easier to tape versus the ceiling

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