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Asked on Oct 24, 2017

Ceiling lite ideas for small laundry room

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  • Nancy Turner
    on Oct 24, 2017

    An LED or fluorescent strip light in the center may be all you need. You can hide the cord with some of those cord covers and paint it to match if they don't have the color you need.
  • Cindy
    on Oct 24, 2017

    How about a chandelier? Glam it up a little. After all, we all spend a lot of time in our laundry rooms, don't we?
  • Catherine Anspaugh
    on Oct 24, 2017

    if you have access to the attic I would put in pot lights. I think you always get the best crispest light from these.
  • 27524803
    on Oct 24, 2017

    I think that the chandelier made from clothes pins that I saw here on Home Talk would be perfect for a Laundry room and if you don't like the wood... I believe that I have seen clear plastic ones somewhere on line.
    I would put one in my L-room but I don't have the room over my stackables
  • Whatever you choose, make sure the light is bright enough to see properly. After all you are doing laundry, you need to see and treat all those stains before they set! Then make it fun and whimsical - happy lighting is a good thing.

  • Jewellmartin
    on Oct 24, 2017

    Bright light is best to see stains and read the dials and directions. 😇💖
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