Asked on Oct 24, 2017

How do I get rid of pet urine odor

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I just moved into a new place andvthe previous tenants had dogs that they allowed to urinate in this one particular area of the house. The owner sprayed something called killz and put a new floor but the oder is still vary strong what do I do?

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  • Shoshana
    on Oct 24, 2017

    Nature's Miracle is a great product to get rid of the odor. Works wonders.
  • Janet Pizaro
    on Oct 24, 2017

    Besides the natures miracle,wash the areas that have the odor with white vinegar and place open boxes of baking soda throughout to absorb it as well
  • Spl27272405
    on Oct 24, 2017

    Try KOE ( Kettle Odor Eliminator). It works for dogs and cats. I have 1 kitty who used my down stairs rug for her litter box. It took a few cleanings but the odor is completely gone. Amazing stuff.

  • Deb Chaney
    on Oct 24, 2017

    Natures miracle
  • Dboushell
    on Oct 24, 2017

    Try Skunk Off. It doesn't just mask the odor. You can purchase at some Vets Offices or on Amazon. It comes in a white bottle with picture of black & white skunk on it. Works well.
  • Lynne Webb
    on Oct 24, 2017

    A house I moved into was home to two huge dogs and a cat. The pee smell in one room was bad. I used vinegar, rubbed into the wood and it worked. It took more than one application. The only place I am aware of that you can use Kilz is on walls. It's a paint product that covers what most paints let bleed through a new paint job. Good stuff but as far as I know, it's for wall applications.
  • Eca12349903
    on Oct 24, 2017

    Natures Miracle is the only product I found that works to remove urine oder
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