Purple Joy!! I Recycled Juice Cans Into a Foot Stool

2 Hours

I used hot glue to wrap each can in a different heavy fabric in the purple family then I glued the cans together and added white poly rope to fill the voids and add interest. I covered cutouts of scrap packing material, that were made by tracing the cans and using a jig saw, with 2 layers of batting and 1 layer of white remnant material. I hot glued the top and bottom to the cans, added more rope and capped it all off with a splurge of new purple fringe. It took 7 cans and various remnant pieces, the most expensive part was the fringe and then the rope. I now have plenty of fabric and rope left to make a few more. Now to just drink a lot of juice.
All done and ready for use.
This is the first can I glued the fabric on. Yes that is an ironing board/workbench. The height adjustment is great and when folded up it takes very little space.
Run a heavy bead of hot glue down one side of the can, wrap the fabric cut to size around the can, fold the edge under and glue some more.
This is the only stapler I use. The staples come out the end under the lever, to the right side in this picture. That means the force used to compress the stapler handle is also used to hold it down.
Stapling the batting on.
batting all finished and time for the fabric.
The other side all finished, pretty and purple!

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  • Maude LaFountain
    on Jul 10, 2016

    In pictures # 5 & 6 is confusing to me ...what are you stapling the batting on ?....I love this and I would like to know more on how to make it ....Thanks ....its so cute

    • Kelly S
      on Jul 11, 2016

      I was stapling the batting to some scrap shipping material that something came in. It is sometimes called hard board, the same material that peg board is made from. You could use a piece of scrap plywood, beadboard, or MDF (medium density fiber) board. I was just using what I had on hand.

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  • Kelly S
    on Mar 16, 2014

    Thank you for your generous comments. My grandmother had made one when I was a little girl, with upholstery samples and juice cans; she sewed everything together. This was before hot glue. I imagine we both had sore fingers, hers from the needles and mine from using the high temp hot glue. lol I've noticed a trend in my crafting. I've made either things from items she used to own (shower curtain and chandelier) or items that she made when I was a child. My grandma was the original DIY/recycle lady in our family. I can finally appreciate all the crafting kits I received as a child, instead of the Barbie I wanted. Beauty is only skin deep but crafting genes go through generations.

  • Starr Durrant
    on Sep 24, 2014

    Really creative and functional and best of all reused materials - Beautiful!

    • Kelly S
      on Sep 25, 2014

      @Starr Durrant thank you. I use it every night to get into bed or to place my nook on when I'm starting to doze off.

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