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Asked on Oct 24, 2017

The old tape is showing ... how I can fix it?

Naomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey, Castaic CAKenJohnavallance82


My house was build by someone that used old technics and now the old tape from the drywall is showing more every day. How can I fix that, do I have to pull it.. I am frustrated because I want to change the color of the wall but I want to fix that first.

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  • Amanda
    on Oct 24, 2017

    Hello. You can pull it off but then you have to redo the taping and drywall compound. You can try to put drywall compound under the existing tape, and then over the tape. Let it dry, sand to blend. You may have spots that need more drywall compound. If so apply more, let it dry, and then sand to blend. Prime the area and paint. The steps are the same if you choose to remove the existing tape and replace with new. Depending on how bad it is I would probably replace it with new. Make sure to get all loose drywall off before applying new compound.
  • Johnavallance82
    on Oct 24, 2017

    If it needs to be stuck back - Stick it back -If it's just showing through the paint - Paint it
  • Ken
    on Oct 24, 2017

    Yeah, they did not properly embed the tape. Dig it out using about a 2" blade and replace with new paper joint tape. This time, plenty of joint compound under the tape. I did a lot of this in my house. It's not old techniques, it's poor workmanship.
  • Taping and mudding is a technique that is still currently used today. Here are a couple links to explain the process and how to fix so that your walls will be paint ready. Do not forget to wash the rest of the walls before painting! Have fun!

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