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Is your teenage kid looking to help out around the house? Or are you looking for a fun DIY project to do together with your teenage son or daughter?

We have compiled an awesome list of fun DIY projects for teens that you can get started on right away!

Sugar Skull Beanbag Chair

1. Sugar Skull Beanbag Chair

This cool DIY project for teens can be done on their own or with a bit of help. One thing we’re sure of is that your teen will LOVE this sugar skull beanbag chair. The materials are simple; fabric, filler, and your teen’s favorite stencil or character, and with a bit of sewing, your teen will enjoy this awesome bean bag that’s perfect for their bedroom and doubles as a great sleepover accent. Find out how Hometalker Mark Montano created this winner!

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Flower Pot Star Lamp Calling all teens and tweens!

2. Flower Pot Star Lamp Calling all teens and tweens!

This flower pot star lamp is an easy DIY for teens and is a perfect accent for any bedroom, kids’ room or dorm room. You’ll need a flower pot, some LED lights and some simple tools and you’ll have this awesome DIY project up and ready in time to show all your friends. The best part? You can do it yourself!

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Adorable Flower Pens

3. Adorable Flower Pens

Never mistake your pen for your friend’s pen again with this adorable super simple DIY for teens! When they’re not in use, you can store these floral pens in a decorative vase or mug and they can double as decor. Hometalker Chas shares her instructions here: you’ll need some simple pens, your favorite “in” washi tape, and any toppers you like. Get taping and you’ll love the result. Quick, easy and affordable...our favorite kind of DIY!

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DIY Summer Scented Soaps

4. DIY Summer Scented Soaps

Let’s face it, we all love scented soaps, but we don’t always love the price tag! Save your money with this easy DIY for teens, and once you make these soaps, you’ll never want to waste money on store bought fancy soaps again. Hometalker Catherinekaspar shares her easy DIY soap recipe. Choose any soap molds you love, and enjoy these soaps yourself, or wrap them in pretty packaging and these homemade soaps will make the perfect gift for teachers or friends.

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Cactus Jewelry Holder

5. Cactus Jewelry Holder

This simple yet adorable cactus jewelry holder is so easy to make, you’ll want to make more than one! Hometalker Katie Bookser shares her step-by-step instructions to create your own jewelry holder. Grab some clay, mini pots and some paint, and you’ll be well on your way to this easy DIY project for teens. Make a bunch and display your mini cactus garden, or share some with your family and friends

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Light Bulb Hourglass

6. Light Bulb Hourglass

This DIY craft for teens is a cool project to display in your room, and if you “time” it right, you can actually USE it too. This bulb sand-glass timer can be used to time any of your favorite games with your friends; when the sand it gone, time is up! Save some of those old light bulbs, grab some sand and a glue gun, and follow the instructions over at the Troom Troom blog for this fun craft!

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Calligraphy Hack

7. Calligraphy Hack

This DIY project is a trick you can use over and over again for near perfect calligraphy even if you don’t have the best handwriting. Kara S. at Hometalk shows us her hack for the perfect “font” for any card or invitation. Kara even used hers as a centerpiece for her gallery photo wall. You’ll need heavy cardstock, a ruler and markers. Yup, that’s IT!

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String Art Wooden Catch All Box

8. String Art Wooden Catch All Box

This DIY keepsake box is perfect for any kind of storage in your room, with the pretty string art design as a bonus! Check out Troom Troom’s idea here for this wooden box string art project for teens. Paint the box your favorite color, then get working on your nails. You can draw and design any shape you like on the box, then “string it”!

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Candy Garland

9. Candy Garland

Are you looking for a way to make your bathroom your own? This super cute candy shaped lighted garland is easy to make and you probably have most of the materials around the house. You’ll need some paint, a cardboard tube or roll and some LED lights. Check out how Hometalker Troom Troom made this adorable candy shaped garland for the bathroom. But don’t limit yourself, you can use this garland to bring character to any room.

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DIY "Designer" Decor

10. DIY "Designer" Decor

These mason jars are the perfect DIY craft for teens; simple and easy, and all teens will love that they’re Tumblr inspired. To make these pretty room pick-me-ups (which can also double as storage containers!) grab some wide washi tape, and some spray paint and get DIYing! Your friends will love these and you can share your tips for how to make them.

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Wall Decor With Cute Fish

11. Wall Decor With Cute Fish

This adorable DIY project for teens works with any decor and can double as a perfect holder with all of its hooks. Blogger Troom Troom shows us how to make this cute fish themed wall centerpiece with rocks, basic paint in nice bright colors, and simple hooks. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a master painter, follow these step-by-step instructions and hang; this one will be a big hit!

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RISK Game Board

12. RISK Game Board

Battle for world domination on your very own Risk board; an awesome DIY project for teens! If you’re a teen and you’re looking to try something new that your friends and family will love, check out this awesome post by Hometalker Wilfred. You’ll need a good strong wood plank, some spray paint, and a little bit of patience to create your own Risk game board. This sturdy and durable board for the classic game will be well worth the effort. Who knows, it might even become a family heirloom!

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Neon Geometric Room Decor

13. Neon Geometric Room Decor

Neon is back...and it’s all the rage! You’ll love this DIY project for teens: an awesome, easy to make 3D wall decor to add a splash of color to your room. Use your favorite brightly colored heavy duty paper, make your own frame, and follow these instructions to create a 3D masterpiece. Plus, check out the extra origami storage boxes that you can make to match your new wall decor.

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Super Cute Denim Wall Storage

14. Super Cute Denim Wall Storage

Don’t throw out those old jeans just yet! Check this out to see how you can turn them into this super cute wall storage. This DIY project for teens is easy and doubles as wall decor that will wow your friends. You’ll need some large embroidery hoops and your favorite jeans that you no longer wear. Try a bunch of these for variation and you can turn them into a cool retro mini-gallery wall that doubles to store your favorite keepsakes.

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Easel Photo Display

15. Easel Photo Display

If you’re looking for a quick and easy DIY project for teens, you’ll love this. Over at Troom Troom, they’ll show you how to make these adorable photo holders that you can custom design to match any theme or decor. Grab your favorite paper, a glue gun and some cute decorative tape. These mini-tripods will be the perfect holders for your favorite photos!

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16. In Case Of ZOMBIES (Or Yard Work...)

This apocalypse garden decor is perfect if you’re a Zombie fan or if you just want to give your outdoors a little bit of flair. This DIY project is perfect for teens and parents to create together, and as a plus, you’ll actually de-clutter your gardening tools too :) You’ll need a nice sized board and some paint, and any anti-zombie tools you can find. Perfect for Halloween!

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Hair Tie Bottle Art

17. Hair Tie Bottle Art

Ok, finally a solution for all those hair ties that always seem to be floating around the house: hair tie bottle art! This adorable DIY project for teens or tweens can be made with any hair ties you have lying around, or get some new ones to complete this easy and fun project. Once you place the ties, glue them in place and you have a super cute craft, and a nice bit of home decor for your room too!

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DIY Book Organizer

18. DIY Book Organizer

This DIY project is so simple, and when you’re done, you’ll have a cute place to store your journals and books! Grab some cardboard and your favorite decorative scrapbook paper or wrapping paper and you’ll have this adorable DIY book organizer in no time. Not only is this stylish organizer quick and easy, but it’ll help you reduce clutter and keep your room organized too.

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      My daughter isn't a teen yet, but just showed her that denim pocket storage and she loves the idea!
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