Step-by-Step Painting Techniques You'll Want to Try!

Don’t waste time asking how to paint this or that, check out these paint hacks!

By Hometalk Hits

Step 1: Pour your paint

Depending on what you are painting, your medium will vary.

Step 2: Add water

Add water to make a milky consistency. Be sure not to add to much or your color will not show up in your bubbles.

Step 3: Add dish soap

I used regular blue dawn and it did not tint my white paint, however if you are worried you can use clear softsoap.

Step 4: Mix well!

Give your three ingredients a good mix.

Step 5: Use straw to blow bubbles

Spin the object while blowing so you can cover the whole surface with bubbles.

Step 6: Continue and allow bubbles to pop

I used my straw to scrape out all the bubbles and let them pop naturally.

Step 7: Admire your finished product!

The bubbles give your piece a nice, light marbly look .

Stunning distressing technique using soap

This one will BLOW you away!

Step 1: Scrub piece with bar of soap

The soap comes off easily and adheres with no problem.

Step 2: Paint over the soap

Be sure to really coat the frame in paint and cover all of the soap.

Step 3: Sand edges with grain sandpaper

Be careful not to get too carried away or you won't have any paint left !

Step 4: Display your painted piece!

That's all there is to it!

Make a custom stained glass window

Get ready for all your guests to start asking how you made this!

Step 1: Mix 1 tbs black paint with glue

Use a skewer to mix it well.

Step 2: Attach coloring pages behind glass

Stick the paper to the window by using some tape.

Step 3: Trace the outlines

Make sure the coloring papers behind are secured in place and begin tracing lines.

Step 4: Remove prints and let glue dry

Now you're left with your basic outlines.

Step 5: Pour clear glue into cupcake tin

You can use Elmer's Liquid School Glue, Clear.

Step 6: Mix in acrylic paints with glue

Use about 2 tablespoons of clear glue to 1 teaspoon of paint. Be sure to mix this well.

Step 7: Fill in the lines with paint

And let the painting begin!

Step 8: Hang your pretty stained glass window

Display this one of a kind work of art anywhere in your home!