3 Simple Green Ways To Clean In Your Home

Easy, effective and natural!

By Hometalk Hits

Step 1: Grab a dirty item made from brass

It can be anything - cutlery, cups, earrings etc.

Step 2: Squirt tomato ketchup all over

You only need enough to cover the item.

Step 3: Leave for 40 minutes

Although the amount of time needed for each object will vary somewhat.

Step 4: Thoroughly rinse off the ketchup

Make sure not to leave any ketchup or it will dry sticky.

Step 5: Dry and Buff Your Brass

For a more brilliant shine use a microfiber cloth.

Step 1: Mix water and pure-castile soap

Use 1 1/4 cup of water and 3/4 cup of soap.

Step 5: Add on guard oil and tea tree oil

The health shield oil helps eliminate bacteria while the tee tree oil helps eliminate grease.

Step 7: Pour the mixture into a soap bottle

Remove the pump from your soap dispenser and pour the mixture using a funnel.

Step 1: Cut squares of cotton and terry cloth

You can cut them into 12" squares to match standard paper towel size.

Step 2: Sew fabric squares together

Sew a square of cotton fabric face down onto a square of terry cloth fabric, leaving a gap.

Step 3: Pull the fabric inside out

Make sure to push out the points of all the corners from the inside.