Custom Hand-Carved, Vertical Concrete Shower

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This is all concrete... vertical, hand-carved and textured concrete. We stepped outside of our comfort zone on this project as this was our first time utilizing this vertical concrete application technique and products.

The concrete is troweled on approximately 3/4"-1" thick and is then textured and carved to the client's specifications as to size and shape of the stones. Then each stone is individually colored and finally 2 coats of a water-based polyurethane to finish it off.

Want more linear stones... or to have no stones and look like a cave shower? Not a problem! This could even be done to look like wood planks with alternate carving and texturing methods. It's all possible, with this amazing product and our application techniques.

This same vertical concrete mix can be used for interior or exterior projects. This concrete application can cover up old block, brick, tile, drywall, cement board.... etc, and give your space an entirely new look!
Step 1 - Scratch Coat
Our client built the structure and covered it with cement board. Our first step was to put a scratch coat of concrete over our waterbarrier membrane.
Step 1: Scratch Coat
Another view with the scratch coat applied.
Step 2: Applying and carving the concrete
Once the scratch coat was dry, we started putting a layer of concrete on to fill the scratch coat. Next, step is troweling on about a 3/4"-1" thick coat of our vertical concrete mix. It is then textured and hand-carved to give the stones their shape and dimension.
Step 2: Carving the stones
Almost done texturing and carving... still have the bench, the floor, and the step up into the shower to finish up this step.
Step 2:Carving the stones
We took the cover for the faucet and made sure it would fit well after application by putting it in place and cleaning out any unnecessary concrete that was present in that opening.
Step 3: Coloring the stones
Now comes the coloring of the stones! Of course, this can be any color palette that you choose.
Step 3: Coloring the stones
A bit of a closer view of the colored faucet wall.
Step 3: Color the floor
We even textured the floor!
Step 3: Color the bench
The bench seat wall colored and sealed!
Step 3: Color
A close up of the bench.... We just love this seat!
Previous to the shower was the floor overlay
Nope, that's not wood or tile! It's a decorative concrete overlay that is also hand troweled and colored right over the existing concrete floor in this basement bathroom. This process begins with a primer coat of the so-called grout line color (black), followed by a troweled on texture coat. We color the detail.... pull the tape to reveal the grout lines, and then seal it. We will do a separate post about this floor process in the near future.
Step 4: Sealer applied
We love the seat... but we think this step up into the shower is pretty cool as well!
Step 4: Sealer applied and ready to go!
Plumbing is installed and ready for operation!
Step 4: Sealer applied and ready to go!
Just need to hang the shower curtain and it's good to go!

Suggested materials:

  • Vertical Concrete  (Deco-Crete Supply)
  • Decorative Floor Overlay  (Daich Coatings)

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  • Sage Mingan
    Sage Mingan
    on Feb 11, 2018

    How did you attach the cement board to the structure in the beginning? Also, thinking I would like to make a concrete block bench and do this on the bench. Would it be possible for an outdoor bench?
  • Krafty Mrs.K
    Krafty Mrs.K
    on May 30, 2019

    Any mold or mildew issues with the rougher texture? Any additives to repel mildew?

    • Dream Home Supply, LTD.
      Dream Home Supply, LTD.
      on May 31, 2019

      Hello, Nope, no issues with either. We sealed it with a water based polyurethane that is a top coating for epoxy floors and countertops that we also do. The surface is very hydrophobic and repels water easily.

  • Waldemar Rudzki
    Waldemar Rudzki
    on Jul 31, 2019

    How much does a project as the above mentioned cost?

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