Step 2: Mold cardboard into circular shape

Tape the edges together to create a circular shape.

Step 3: Grease the sides of the two molds

Take or make a smaller diameter circular mold. Grease the sides of the molds that will touch the cement.

Step 5: Pour the concrete between the molds

Make sure that the cement is dispersed evenly. Set aside and allow to set.

Step 7: Fix the cement ring to the bowl

Mix another batch of cement to seal the two pieces together.

Step 1: Measure and cut 9 metal pipe pieces

You will need 3 pieces at 3" and 6 pieces at 4" in length.

Step 2: Cut a long enough piece of wire

Cut a piece of wire long enough to feed through all of the 9 pieces you just cut with a good 2-3 inches extra.

Step 3: Secure the pipes in a triangle

Twist the short end of the wire to the long piece sticking out the other end, securing the pipes together tightly.

Step 4: String the wire to add more triangles

Twist the wire around one of the corners of the 3" triangle to create another triangle with the new pipe pieces.

Step 5: Make last triangle and trim the wire

Feed the last two 4" pieces onto the wire and twist the wire once again to make the last triangle.

Step 6: Create the hangers

Cut a piece of wire for each of the 3 pipes, making sure each is 2-3" longer than the pipe.

Step 7: Attach hangers to the triangle

Twist one end of each of the wires to one of the outer corners of each triangle. Make sure it is securely in place.

Step 8: Make a loop with the wire ends

Gather the ends of the wires so that they come to a point and twist them in place.

Step 1: Paint your pots

Think about a color that will really "pop"!

Step 2: Pack a pot with soil around a rod

Take a 10" pot and fill it with potting soil. Insert the metal rod into the center of the pot while you fill it.

Step 3: Thread your second pot onto the rod

Take one of your 6" pots and thread the metal rod through the bottom base hole.

Step 4: Wedge and fill your second pot

Wedge your smaller pot into the soil, so it sits on an angle. Fill it with soil.

Step 5: Glue the edge of your pot

Using heavy-duty adhesive, glue the right outer edge of the second pot for where the third pot will lie.

Step 6: Add the next pot and fill with soil

Continue the steps until you stack all of your pots.

Step 7: Plant your flowers

You will most likely have to break up the root of the plant slightly to ensure they fit nicely into each pot.

Step 8: Add a playful element on top

Use the extra length of the rod for a decorative element. You can change that element with seasons and holidays!