How can I remove marker from TV screen?

My grandson used a black magic marker on my brand new tv screen . What if any way can I remove it.

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 29, 2017
    Try a damp not saturated Mr. Clean magic eraser
  • Judi Judi on Oct 29, 2017
    First check the manufactures manual for cleaning your screen. Start with a soft cloth. Dust the area. Don’t press too hard on the screen. Use a mild soap (Dawn)with a damp lint free cloth. If that doesn’t lift it try a small amount of tea tree oil. Then clean up with soap and water.
  • Deborah Parliament Deborah Parliament on Oct 29, 2017
    Try nail polish remover
  • Rowgop (Pam) Rowgop (Pam) on Oct 29, 2017
    1/2 cup alcohol and 1/2 cup water mix. Dip a microfiber cloth...wring out. Wipe side to side. Then with clean microfiber with water wipe clean.
  • Pg Pg on Oct 29, 2017
    Try rubbing alcohol. That will remove most markers.
  • Judy Herron Holmes Judy Herron Holmes on Oct 29, 2017
    Have you tried Goo Gone
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 29, 2017
    I use alcohol all the time to remove ink from fabric. I also use it to remove the marker from jars I use to store herbs, baking soda, etc. if I change what I am storing. Try a spot in one corner of the screen to make sure it does not damage or discolor the screen. If it doesn't, try a spot where the marker is, using a microfiber cloth that is fairly thin, not a wooly one, without applying a lot of pressure, you don't want to damage the screen. I hope this works!
  • Brenda Varner Brenda Varner on Oct 29, 2017
    Alcohol or hairspray.
  • Deborah Anthony Deborah Anthony on Oct 29, 2017
    Not sure, finernail polish remover? Acetone

  • Marg Simpson Marg Simpson on Mar 21, 2020

    Nail polish remover works folks and doesn’t ruin the screen I did it last night after my three yr old went at it. Put up with it for a week and was like f$ck it! And wiped it clean after being too scared to try it Boom! 😀 no regrets!

  • Isk Hamzah Isk Hamzah on Sep 16, 2020

    Happened to me. My daughter seems to express her creativity on TV... literally!

    So I tried to use alcohol hand sanitizer on my samsung LED tv to scrub off the marker stains. I gentle scrub it in one direction, and it works. Doesn't ruin or affect the screen at all.

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