How can you unplug a toilet?

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  • Bonnie Gomez Bonnie Gomez on Oct 30, 2017
    Call a plumber
  • Judy Judy on Oct 30, 2017
    Get some Drain Cleanser, the real name is "THE WORKS" Follow the directions, and you may have to do this several times, but make sure you wait, for this to work, before you try again, ok? This is GREAT!!! Best wishes, J. We got ours at the a dollar place. We are very pleased with this. Enjoy!!
  • Judy Judy on Oct 30, 2017
    Nancy, one more thing. . . if you have a septic, there is just ONE t.p.paper that you can use. Be alert to this, ok? Best wishes, J.
  • Judy Judy on Oct 30, 2017
    If this fails, perhaps a tile has shifted, and you may have to call a plumber, ok? Thinking of you. . and let us know, ok? J.
  • Kathyy Kathyy on Oct 30, 2017
    Have you tried a plunger? Get a good seal and push down several times.
  • Jackie Draper Jackie Draper on Oct 30, 2017
    I have always had the best luck just plunging with a good plunger. Don't use the plunger with drain cleaner.
  • Teacup8885 Teacup8885 on Oct 30, 2017
    I had a nasty clog one... I finally put toilet bowl cleaner (Clorox gel +bleach) in the clogged toilet, waited cple hrs flushed it down
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