3 Gorgeous Decor Projects In The Oh-So-Chic Geometric Style

Follow step-by-step instructions and recreate today's geometric fashionable style in your own home

By Hometalk Hits

Step 1: Roll balls from air dry clay

Consider rolling more balls than you'll need, just in case.

Step 2: Make a horseshoe shape for the hanger

This will act as the yoke of the light. Make the gap large enough to fit the cord through but small enough that it won't slip.

Step 4: Build your frame with skewers

You might need to cut some of the skewers short to fit into the design. Make sure the frame is sturdy.

Step 5: Spray paint and leave to dry

Consider matching the color to the color of the light socket.

Step 1: Draw a triangles grid on cardboard

This project has a 4" base and 4.5" sides, but you can choose your own measurements and shapes.

Step 2: Cut out the cardboard shapes

Slice through the top layer of your cardboard pieces on the angle lines so that you can bend the shape as needed.

Step 3: Tape the pieces into desired shape

Tape the cardboard pieces together while making sure there are no cracks or creases.

Step 5: Pour cement into the cardboard mold

Pour the cement so that it is about 1/3" thick.

Step 6: Tilt the shape and add more cement

Wait for the cement to set a bit and then turn your shape on it's side so you can pour more cement into the mold.

Step 7: Once cement dries remove cardboard

Cut the cardboard away from the cement and remove it and all tape that is attached.

Step 8: Sand down all the rough edges

If there are any chunks missing or strange spots - mix up a bit more cement, patch them up and then sand them.

Step 1: Measure and cut the plywood triangles

For 3 pockets you will need 9 separate triangles that you will later glue together.

Step 2: Sand down all the cut our triangles

Make sure that for each pocket there is one side whose length matches the sides of the center triangle.

Step 3: Attach triangles with masking tape

Attach the appropriate triangles for each pocket with masking tape, making sure the appropriate sides match.

Step 4: Glue all pieces of pocket together

Glue each of the triangles for the top of the pocket, as well as the sides of the triangles to the back piece.

Step 6: Cut out and glue the pocket frames

Cut triangle frames from the plywood and and glue on the pre-assembled wall pocket fronts.

Step 7: Remove excess dried glue and paint

If you don't wish to keep your wall pockets raw wood you canpaint them inside and out, since both will be seen.

Step 8: Hammer picture hangers to the back

Plywood is thin so make sure to hammer the picture hangers within the outer frame so that they don't poke through.