3 Cute Step-by-Step Ideas For Unique Planters

Yes, you can make a planter from pretty much anything, but check out these creative ideas!

By Hometalk Hits

Step 1: Sand down the PVC cap

Sand down any words or rough spots that might be on the PVC cap.

Step 2: Drill holes on opposing sides

Drill hole toward the open edge of the cap on one side. Mark a spot directly across and drill another hole.

Step 3: Mark and cut a wide strip of leather

Take a ruler and mark an inch wide strip with "V" shaped ends. Make it as long as you wish.

Step 4: Pull the strip ends through the holes

Thread the strip through the hole long enough to allow for them to reconnect past the edge of the PVC.

Step 5: Fold stripes and pierce holes through

Pierce holes through the leather straps using knife / awl / or eyelet pliers, just above the PVC edge.

Step 6: Screw bolts through the holes

Place a short bolt through the holes on each side of the PVC and screw into a nut on the other side.

Step 1: Start gluing a box shape together

Lay one mirror on the mirror side and hot glue on a second mirror vertically with the mirror facing out.

Step 3: Repeat until the box is complete

Don't bother removing the labels since the box will be full anyway.

Step 2: Make an incomplete box for planter

This is for the planter portion. Build it in dimensions matching the board you cut previously.

Step 3: Glue the box to the board

Measure 1" over from the left and 1" up from the bottom and glue on the box.

Step 4: Place printed numbers on the board

Make sure you measure evenly between them.

Step 5: Hammer nails on top and remove paper

Once you are done nailing in the design just remove the paper from around the nails.

Step 6: Sand edges and stain/paint the board

You will also want to seal it for the outdoors with a Thompson's sealer or something similar.

Step 7: Attach hangers on the back

You can simply screw in 2 short screws into the wood at an even level and then twist a piece of wire around them.