What color paint for kitchen cabinets that enhance resale?

We are wanting to paint kitchen cabinets but also want to make it desirable to buyers in future.

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 03, 2017
    What are the cabinets made of?

  • Beth Erickson Beth Erickson on Nov 03, 2017
    White. Do your prep work

  • DebM DebM on Nov 03, 2017
    Any shade of white. As neutral as possible. Then it's easy for future buyers to just paint over them with their own pallette. Plus it usually makes the kitchen look bigger and brighter.

  • Amanda Amanda on Nov 03, 2017
    Hi Kathy. White cabinets are really in now. I would do white or a off white.

  • DesertRose DesertRose on Nov 03, 2017
    Right now glass doors on front or white cabinets are all in vogue.

  • Rhonda Rhonda on Nov 03, 2017
    white all the way!

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Nov 03, 2017
    How soon is the "future" as far as when you are planning to sell?

    In Home Decorating, there are always trends that go in and out of popularity.
    Speaking from experience as someone who has bought and sold houses,it is almost impossible to second guess what specific feature about the house is going to seal the deal.

    Realistically one can expect to see a percentage return on major upgrades that include new plumbing , new electrical, and structural improvements. Cosmetic changes such as painting cabinets a different colour do not come with any guarantee.
    Diy painting cabinets is a fad at this time. While the results have met the expectations of some homeowners, unfortunately I have seen more results being misses than hits on this one. The misses are always less attractive than more, and require double the work for the new owners to try to rectify.

    Do not imbark on this project, investing the money, time and labour, with the main purpose being that you are going to see a windfall refund when the house is sold.
    Instead, lower the price to reflect what you feel is a deficiency, save yourself a great deal of work, and get the house sold faster.