Hidden Agenda . . . Could you be this courageous?

White ceilings, light walls and very little pattern in this space is where we started. How do you wake it up? 1) Draw attention UP to the 14 foot high ceilings. 2) Camouflage the vents and light fixtures. 3) Introduce bold pattern. 4) Offer an unexpected contemporary twist to a traditional setting.Hints for applying stencils on ceilings:*Because the overlay was so large, we needed scaffold instead of just ladders. *Since you are so close to the project and working so high, you could not see how it looks from below. So, we had a ground person equipped with a laser pointer directing the placement of each element. *She was also responsible for repositioning the scaffold which eliminated many trips climbing up and down. *Gravity is not your friend. Be sure to have plenty of stencil adhesive on hand!*Keep the base paint of the ceiling and an artist brush close by. Fix any bleed-unders as you go.See the full story here: http://kasswilson.com/the-hidden-agenda/
Bold pattern stenciled on ceiling.www.KassWilson.com
Stencil pattern on ceiling to camouflage the fixtures.www.KassWilson.com
Black and white with punches of color.
The same theme of black and white with punches of bright color carries throughout the home. This was a clever blending of contemporary and traditional styles.

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