Super Cool Painting Techniques You've Probably Never Seen!

Check out these new ways to paint!

By Hometalk Hits

Step 1: Add watercolor paint to container

Tubes will give you a consistent color overall

Step 2: Add 3x as much fabric medium & mix

Mix these two together until the color is blended into the fabric medium

Step 3: Add water & mix again

The more water you add, the lighter the color will be

Step 4: Bundle cotton swabs with rubber band

For the main color, rubber band approximately 20 swabs together and make smaller bundles for accent colors

Step 5: Cover your surface with towels

Cover your surface with an old towel and then place two layers of paper toweling over the old towel

Step 6: Dip bundle in color & apply to fabric

The longer you allow the cotton swabs to be in contact with the fabric, the more paint will be applied to the fabric

Step 7: Use individual swabs for small spots

Go back and forth between different colors and sizes

Step 8: Hang to dry & iron to seal color

When the fabric is completely dry, lay a cloth over it and press with a hot iron

Step 9: Seal with Scotchgard and display!

Check out that new, beautifully decorated fabric!

Step 1: Purchase alcohol ink

You will need alcohol based ink which you can find in most craft stores in the stamping aisle

Step 2: Place glass onto aluminum foil tray

Cover a baking tray with aluminum foil and place your glass medium on top

Step 3: Drop ink onto the glass

Add drops of different colored ink onto the glass

Step 4: Drop alcohol onto the ink

You can pick up the glass and allow the colors to swirl together - the more you swirl the more the colors will mix

Step 5: Light the alcohol on fire

Use a long lighter and allow the flam to burn itself out after a few seconds

Step 6: Let it dry and display your artwork!

Once your start using this technique, you won't want to stop...

Try this bubble painting technique!

OK - this is so cool and easy to do

Step 1: Pour your paint

Depending on what you are painting, your medium will vary

Step 2: Add water

Add water to make a milky consistency. Be sure not to add to much or your color will not show up in your bubbles

Step 3: Add dish soap

I used regular blue dawn and it did not tint my white paint, however if you are worried you can use clear softsoap

Step 4: Mix well!

Give your three ingredients a good mix

Step 5: Use straw to blow bubbles

Spin the object while blowing so you can cover the whole surface with bubbles

Step 6: Continue and allow bubbles to pop

I used my straw to scrape out all the bubbles and let them pop naturally

Step 7: Admire your finished product!

The bubbles give your piece a nice, light marbly look