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Padded Pelmet

After redecorating the kitchen, the south facing window cried out for dressing.
A simple pelmet, covered in pretty floral fabric, was created.
Time: 6 Hours Cost: $45 Difficulty: Medium
I measured the width of the window, adding 3 inches to each side. Having decided on a depth of 12 inches for the drop, I bought a piece of MDF and had it cut to size. Two pieces of timber, 3 x 1 inches, were secured to each end, to form the box.
Wadding was cut to size and stapled to the box.
The end blocks were also covered with wadding.
The fabric chosen was purchased from a local fent shop. I bought an ex-display curtain, utilising both fabric and the lining. The fabric had to be pieced together, creating a pattern-matched join, to achieve the required length.
The fabric is attached. I stapled it on top of the wadding, starting from the centre, to ensure the pattern was straight.
A neat lining was added.
Two metal fastenings were attached. The pelmet was then ready for hanging.

A pretty addition to the kitchen window.
  • William
    William Burbank, IL
    on Nov 6, 2017

    Here in the States we call it a cornice board or valance. Looks great! Love the fabric.

  • La Dame aux Camélias
    La Dame aux Camélias United Kingdom
    on Nov 6, 2017

    Lol. Here in the UK, a valance is a frilled covering to hide a bed frame!

    • Shy Artist
      Shy Artist
      on Dec 5, 2017

      We cover our bed frames with bed skirts. I love that we all speak English yet there are still so many differences. Some day I will make it to GB and now I will be more informed. :)

  • Wendy
    on Nov 7, 2017

    It came out beautifully!

  • Heather
    Heather United Kingdom
    on Nov 15, 2017

    It looks very good and that fabric is beautiful. Great work. Enjoy :)

  • Pat
    Pat Myrtle Beach, SC
    on Nov 15, 2017

    The fabric is perfectly delightful!!!!! Your work is much admired! A spring garden right at your window!!!!

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