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Nautical Candle Holders

These nautical candle holders are made with salsa jars (although any jar could be used) and are really beautiful when lit. I am making these for table centerpieces for a beach themed wedding, but I think they are perfect for the home too...especially in the bathroom! I hope you like them!
Time: 2 Hours Cost: $4 Difficulty: Easy
For your materials you will need: jars (I used salsa jars), sand (I got mine right from the beach ☺), tacky glue, spray acrylic, twine, felt, brushes (foam works the best), and seashells or pearls...any nautical trinket for the final accent.
First, remove labels and clean the jars thoroughly, making sure to remove all of the label adhesive. Allow to dry. Coat the entire outside of the jar with a generous amount of tacky glue (you don't have to do the bottom ) Try to apply an even coat of glue.
For the best result, place the sand into a small tray, press the jar into the sand and roll, applying an even coat of sand . This can be a little tricky if the glue wasn't evenly applied or your fingers touch the jar...just try to get the sand as even as possible so you don't have 'patches' when the light shines through. Allow to dry completely. Then, spray a thin coat of acrylic spray to the jar.
Next, glue and sand the inside bottom of the jar. This keeps any candles or votive cups from sliding around.
At this point, apply a thin coat of tacky glue to the jar if you'd like a more glossy look. Allow to dry completely.
Next, I used permanent glue to attach twine or juet to the rim of the jar. You can also do this to the bottom as well. Allow to dry.
For a really nice touch, glue a small seashell or other nautical trinket to the seams of the twine. I found these anchor earrings at Wal-Mart for a buck!
Finally, cut a circle from felt and glue it to the outside bottom of the jar. You can trace the circumference of the bottom and then cut in about 1/4 inch.
Place your candles in and enjoy!
Tip: for a striking display, use a patterned votive cup...the pattern will show through! You can make your own too as I did on the left side of the picture. ..stars and paw prints! (Stickers) this is a perfect way to use the holder all year long, using a Christmas pattern, leaf pattern. ..my favorite is the bird pattern on the left!
The jars look fantastic with battery operated string lights too! And I made the lid for this one too...same way you made the jar. I hope you enjoy this project!

Materials used for this project:

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