Asked on Nov 10, 2017

What ia a nontoxic way to get rid of fire ants and moles

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  • Janet Pizaro
    Janet Pizaro
    on Nov 10, 2017

  • DesertRose
    on Nov 10, 2017

    I do not know about moles, but I do know about ants. Use cornmeal. They take it back to the nest and it kills them. They cannot digest it. We use Jiffy because it is sweet. We tried everything from poison to bait and nothing worked well. Cornmeal does! Put it on their mound. If you see any ants after a few days use a little more. We seldom have to use more than one application. Cornmeal is inexpensive, safe for kids and pets, and the environment; but best of all, it works!
  • Itsmemic
    on Nov 10, 2017

    I use Dollar Store Baby great ! I even sprinkle it around my foundation...don't know why..but it works
  • Msaspen1
    on Nov 11, 2017

    For the ants try white vineagar and one drop of dawn dishwashing ,mix in a sprayer and apply where you see them.
  • Cheryl
    on Nov 11, 2017

    I know about moles, we had them at my apartment complex. It works, they tried flooding them out and concrete. I suggested ferret poop. It will get rid of anything that burrows, except snakes. Ferrets hunt burrowing animals and then take over the burrow. So moles smell ferrets and run for their lives. The poop is nontoxic and full of protein.

  • Laura Wands
    Laura Wands
    on Nov 12, 2017

    we use 20 mule team borax, found in the laundry area of the store. I’ve sprinkled this on and around a fire ant nest in my mom’s yard. The ants were completely gone within hours. A box of this is around $4. We also use it around the foundation of our home bi-yearly to keep insects & arachnids out. We live in a pretty remote spot, so critters sealing shelter is always an issue.
    ive also used it in the tunnels that moles & voles make. They don’t like it either. unless someone eats a significant amount, it’s safe.
    To completely rid your yard of the little rodents, take away the food source. Knocking Down the amount of grubs in your lawn will make them find a better spot to set up house. There are a whole huge amount of products out there for that very thing. Get rid of their food, they’ll stay away.
  • Linda
    on Dec 7, 2017

    actually, fire ants eat flea larvae. But I too used borax (many years ago) and if you apply a heavy coating, then stir the pile, ants are dead in hours. But I've also read it's toxic to birds and a real danger if it gets in water supply. Also can kill small pets and young children. Be careful using this.
  • Medusasgarden
    on Dec 15, 2017

    Apply Cornmeal (in any grocery store) to ant mounds. It's harmless and kills ants within 3 days as they cannot digest it. For moles, plant some Castor beans. They are an easy to grow annual ornamental and highly effective against moles. Make sure you break the seed heads off before they mature, seeds are poison. Good luck!
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