I'm having an awful time with mice this season!

I have never had mice who consistently sprung traps without getting caught and wouldn't eat rat/mouse poison !! The smell in the area where I think they have set up housekeeping is absolutely overpowering !

What else can I do ??????????

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  • 27524803 27524803 on Nov 11, 2017
    If the smell is that bad... this may not the time to try any more do it yourself tactics. The problem may require an Exterminator... Go to HomeAdvisor.com or AngiesList.com and contact a reputable one who will come and and give you an assessment of the problem and a plan for permanently fixing the problem.... blocking up entry holes and eliminating the pests before they multiply...
  • Rembatb Rembatb on Nov 11, 2017
    How are they getting in? Is it a house, barn, garage?
  • Dfm Dfm on Nov 11, 2017
    back in 1993 iowa had its worst flooding event. We had water more than knee deep in our basement. When we were able to dewater and dry out....the mice moved in they can hatch a litter monthly. Mind you there was only 1 working light bulb..over by the laundry...by a floor drain that drained the excess water from around the house. I was sent to the basement to switch laundry..washer to dryer and another load in washer. Had to turn the light on and got ran over......by about 50 mice....across the top of my bare feet. My dad got a live trap set it with peanut butter...next day we heard squeaks.... the first catch was 50 mice. I suggest the live catch no poison, no mice crawling away to die in a wall. you can relocate them, or give them a therapeutic bath.
  • Bijous Bijous on Nov 11, 2017
    Used peanut butter and dry dog food in the traps. I got the ones that look like a giant chip bag clip. I put all my food in tins and wrapped heavy plastic containers with tin foil and splashed inside the cabinets with peppermint oil. I then went around outside and dumped huge amounts of moth balls around the entire house. Last but not least I put steel wool in every possible hole/area where they could get in. Good luck.
  • Karen Durante Karen Durante on Nov 11, 2017
    If you can find where they are coming in, that might help. However they can squeeze in anywhere. My fellow campers use a combination of peppermint oil on cottons balls, sticky traps with cheese and dryer sheets. It seems to work! Hope this helps you.
  • Sara Sara on Nov 11, 2017
    get a cat
  • Peg Peg on Nov 11, 2017
    traps..I learned to put only a small dab on the very end so the mice have to work at eating the bait...bingo then my set traps worked.
  • Peg Peg on Nov 11, 2017
    get a cat? Not all cats kill mice. My cat just plays with them and never kills them.
  • Ellis Ellis on Nov 11, 2017
    Another possible remedy for stuffing possible entry holes (aside from steel wool) is copper mesh. You can buy it at hardware stores. It doesn't rust, so it will be there a long time.
  • Sharon Sharon on Nov 11, 2017
    If the head fits, the mouse can get in...... fix all holes in foundation, make sure they haven't chewed through basement vent screens, they can also come in through the roof, so check your soffits and around fireplaces are sealed tight.
    If your cleaning it up wear a mask, gloves and paper suit, mice can carry leptospirosis and the deadly Hanta virus.
  • Archie Archie on Nov 11, 2017
    Set several traps several inches apart along their favorite runway. Bait them with fatback cut about 3/4" long and tied to the trigger/latch.
    Most mice/rats run along walls or cabinet bases.
    You can also buy several of the sticky traps and place them along the wall.
  • Fre30299464 Fre30299464 on Nov 11, 2017
    Sticky traps work very good for me in the garage.

  • Castrang17 Castrang17 on Nov 11, 2017
    Mice hate Peppermint because it burns their lungs. Buy Pure Peppermint Oil at a health food store or discount store. Make sure it does not contain water, therefore is not pure. Buy cotton balls and saturate with the Peppermint Oil, place the balls where the mice are. Once they get a whiff, they should disappear. Saturate the cotton balls with oil frequently, be persistent and don't give up.....or they win!