Turn Any Bed Into a Canopy Bed

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When I was a girl, I always wanted a canopy bed. The long curtains hanging down always seemed whimsical and magical. Unfortunately, most canopy beds that I thought were attractive were way out of my price range.
The venue where my husband and I were married (Applegate River Lodge http://www.applegateriverlodge.com/about.htm) had a canopy bed in our honeymoon suite. When we climbed in on our wedding night, I discovered that the curtains were not held up by a frame, but they were suspended from the ceiling! I realized that I could cheaply and easily re create a similar effect.

When we bought our new home after the wedding, I set about trying to make the perfect bed in our master suite.
Time: 4 HoursCost: $9Difficulty: Easy
Step One: Gather Supplies
I was very broke at the time, so I had to use as much as I could from things I already had. I had purchased a bed in a bag years before at a thrift store that contained matching curtains. I also had four curtain rods that I had brought from my first home. Using my old curtains and rods made this project very cheap. In the above picture, they did not use curtain rods, they just used hooks to attach the curtains.
The only other thing I needed were small hooks to attach the curtain rods to the ceiling. We bought a dozen three inch long steel hooks at Ace Hardware. We spent $9 total. We already had a drill and anchors.
Step Two: I had my husband drill holes into our bedroom ceiling, above our bed. He set anchors into the ceiling for support. Next he screwed in the hooks. He installed three hooks above each side of the bed along the edges of the mattress.
  • turn any bed into a canopy bed
Step Three: Make the curtains.
I began separating the panels. I had four panels of the sheer chiffon curtains and five panels of the thick red damask.
I folded the sheer panels in half and cut them straight down the middle, then I used a lighter to burn the edges. This is a great way to create an edge on synthetic fabrics. Please be careful because you can easily burn the entire panel. I like to use this method because I think that hemming the edges of sheer fabrics creates a heavy edge that I don’t like.
Since I only had five panels of the red damask, I chose to use four full panels on the left and right sides of the bed and cut one panel in half for the foot of the bed (shown above). I hemmed the sides of the damask where I had cut.
I hung two red and two sheer panels on three of the curtain rods. I hung the curtain rods on a the hooks attached to the ceiling.
Step Four: I used a ribbon I had to secure the corners together.
Step Five: Since I had windows behind my bed as the main source of natural light, I sewed some custom curtains for over the window. I added doubled the sheer panels (two panels thick on each side) to let the light in, and make sure people could not see us from the front yard. Later I added magnolia themed stained glass window film to the bottom half of the window. It added a lot to our privacy and allows the sunlight to kiss our faces awake each morning.
  • turn any bed into a canopy bed
Eventually we remodeled our bedroom. We upgraded from a queen bed to a king. I did not need to move the curtain rods or hooks at all when going from a queen to a king. I painted the floors and walls and updated our curtains and bedding to match. Here are the updated pictures:
  • turn any bed into a canopy bed
I really love my canopy bed. Everyone who comes into our room says they wish they had a bed like ours. It is my favorite spot to relax in my house.
I bought the metal bed frame on amazon. Red bedding was purchased at a thrift store in Florence along the Oregon coast. The second bedding set was purchased at Ross as a bed in a bag. The taupe curtains were also purchased at Ross. The silk flowers were left over from my wedding.
I freehand painted the flowers on the wall myself.
  • turn any bed into a canopy bed

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