What do I take into consideration when deciding on the right drapes

for a living room?
Wall is light gray color, white ceiling, white crown molding, fireplace with white mantel. Beige carpet. Two windows facing front of house.

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  • FL FL on Nov 18, 2017
    Style and color, first and foremost. Then you consider features like fabric insulation (from heat and cold), sun blocking features (light filtration), and budget, so you can find what you want in your price range.
  • Big lulu Big lulu on Nov 18, 2017
    Many factors to consider.
    Drapes should be 2 or 2 1/2 times the width of the windows so they will have soft folds when shut.
    They should be hung at least 8 to 10 inches above the window frames to make the them look richer and less skimpy. The rods need to extend about 4 to 6 inches beyond each side of the windows so light won't show around the edges.
    Drapes should be about 1/4 inch from the floor. No higher.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 18, 2017
    As well as how much light you want in the room
  • 27524803 27524803 on Nov 18, 2017
    You did not say which room you are putting the drapes in.
    Are you looking for privacy or to block light...? Do you want your drapes to blend in or be part of the color/pattern accents in the room? Does your room look "short".. and you need to make it taller? Do you want the windows to blend in with the walls?
    First... go to DIY network or HGTV and look at some of the renovations... see if you fall in love with a certain look. Pinterest will have some ideas for you too. Once you have an idea of what you want to do... shop online for the "type" of curtains or drapes you need. On thing you need to know... how much fullness do you want across your window?
    Some curtain panels only come in one width, just buy more panels, buy and even number of panels if you will be opening and closing your curtains or drapes. Some draperies come in different widths as a good "rule of thumb" plan on 1 1/2 times the width of the window (more if you want the curtains to hang past the actual window or if you want a fuller look)

  • Ann Ann on Nov 18, 2017
    I agree. I would also consider rods, curtain rings, grommets and finials or tiebacks. That can run up the pricetag as well.
  • Jean Myles Jean Myles on Nov 18, 2017
    Do you want the curtains to be a focal point or blend in ? do you need them to be room darkening? If there is direct sunlight they might need to be lined to stop them from fading. Do you need them to provide privacy? Will you be opening and closing them regularly ?
  • Big lulu Big lulu on Nov 18, 2017
  • Mari Webb Mari Webb on Nov 18, 2017
    Thank you all!!