How would I clean blood stain on inside of car on fabric seat

how do I clean some blood on inside of car on fabric seat

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  • Rowgop (Pam) Rowgop (Pam) on Nov 18, 2017
    Apply hydrogen peroxide directly to the blood stained area. Moisten the affected area with 3% hydrogen peroxide and allow the stain to sit for about 30 seconds. ...
    Blot the foamy substance with a clean dry cloth. ...
    Rinse the area. ...
    Dry the area.
  • Jennifer | CrazyDiyMom Jennifer | CrazyDiyMom on Nov 18, 2017
    Hydrogen peroxide should lift it out!

  • Mar16276736 Mar16276736 on Nov 18, 2017
    Use hydrogen peroxide, then dab. Repeat until the blood is gone. Dan on clear water the dry.
  • Big lulu Big lulu on Nov 18, 2017
    Don't be surprised if hydrogen peroxide removes some color from the fabric seat.
    I'd try an ice cube first with a tiny amount of liquid soap on a Q-tip. Keep working at it.
  • Julia Mason Julia Mason on Nov 18, 2017
    Get a product called Zout at Walmart. It works. I have used it to keep my son's whit knit baseball uniform pants white after the team practiced sliding into home or 1st base on a rainy day, the pants were stained with red clay. Zout got them white again. He was only one on the team with white uniform pants, every one else's were stained with red clay.
  • Patti Spinks Patti Spinks on Nov 18, 2017
    try hydrogen peroxide
  • Carey Carey on Nov 18, 2017
    hydrogen peroxide
  • Sunnie Joy Sunnie Joy on Nov 18, 2017
    Cold water. hydrogen peroxide, straight. won't bleach the color
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