Simply Paint Over Your Oak Cabinets

Begin by sanding down the surface and brush on a clear bonding primer. Get tutorial here

Use Powder To Texturize Cabinet Surfaces

Mix the texture paint in with the decor paint, then paint this mixture over a stencil. Get tutorial here

Slap On Some Stick On Paper

Clean down the surface first, then cut the peel and stick paper to the according size. Get tutorial here

Install Sliding Doors On Your Cabinet

Use a Kreg jig to join the bottom 2 sides of the pegboard and mount the frame using a french cleat. Get tutorial here

Paint Cabinets Black For A Sleek Look

Brush on black paint for a modern aesthetic to kitchen cabinets and finish with a gilded handle. Get tutorial here

Make Your Cabinets Look Professionally Done

Label tape with two sets of numbers, sand down, and do caulking. Get tutorial here

Don’t Paint With Decor, Use Enamels

Clean down the cabinets, apply a sealer, then paint over with enamel paint. Get tutorial here

Remove Pulls For An Updated Look

Pop out the handles, take out the pulls, and adhere specifically cut wood. Get tutorial here

Choose A Bold Color For A Vibrant Cabinet

Take brightly colored Heritage Collection paint and apply several coats. Get tutorial here

Design Fancy Pulls For Cabinet Doors

Open up the wire rope clips and put holes in the doors for the pulls. Get tutorial here

Use Paint And Modge Podge For Coverage

Coat the cabinet in chalk paint, then modge podge on decorative paper at the top. Get tutorial here

Revive A Worn Out Cabinet For A Rustic Feel

Apply a light stain onto the cabinet body paint job and cut down boards to size for the doors. Get tutorial here

Smooth Out Wallpaper For Decoration

Brush on a fresh coat of paint and adhere a damask motif wallpaper to the backing. Get tutorial here

Install New Pulls For An Instant Update

Order floral patterned knobs with an antiqued finish to add detail to cabinet doors. Get tutorial here