Damp bedroom at night builds up mucus

Bedroom on the back corner near the woody area. Better when sun is up. Eventhough it does get much sun

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  • Bev Bev on Nov 22, 2017
    try a dehydrater for this
  • FL FL on Nov 22, 2017
    You may need to get a dehumidifier and increase the heat at night for a while to get to a less humid situation.
  • Shuganne Shuganne on Nov 22, 2017
    You might want to scrub walls and floor to remove any molds or mildew. Check the outside of the house and the roof shingles, too. Copper on the crest of the roof should make an unpleasant environment for moss, etc. Do you have mild allergies? Talk to an allergist's office. They may have printed materials to mail/face to you. They see this often. Other comments are also good suggestions.
  • perhaps a small de-humidifier near your bed would help?
  • Amanda Amanda on Nov 22, 2017
    Hi Renee. I would purchase a dehumidifier and run that.
  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Nov 22, 2017
    Put a bowl of salt in the corner and see if it collects the damp.
  • Sharon Sharon on Nov 22, 2017
    I would get a dehumidifer, and I would trim the area around the house to increase air flow and prevent mold. It really shouldn't be within more than 2 feet minimum of the house. A long-pole trimmer can get most of it.
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    • Sharon Sharon on Nov 22, 2017
      The other reason for nasal congestion is dust mite allergy... when was the last time you washed your pillows? blankets, comforter and mattress cover? Wash them with 1/2c of 20 mule team laundry borax in the wash.
  • Rhonda Rhonda on Nov 23, 2017
    I would get a dehumidifier and try that first!!