Build an Outdoor Sink and Connect It to the Outdoor Spigot

2-3 Hours

I have wanted an outdoor sink forever and finally got around to building one! I used pressure treated lumber from the cull bin at Home Depot (extra cheap!), an old sink, an old faucet, and plumbing parts from the hardware store! I connected the faucet to the same water line my garden hose is connected to... and I love it!
The completed sink and stand...
The completed sink and stand...
It was so easy to connect the faucet to the outdoor spigot - just a few inexpensive parts from the hardware store. The drain is a regular "tee" which, for now, drains into a bucket but will eventually run through a PVC line into the drainage path in front of the house.
Running water!
Running water!
Cher @ Designs By Studio C

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  • Dea24870290
    on Jun 7, 2017

    Do you have any leaky points in your connection when you leave this outdoor sink on? I'm setting up a sink for an outdoor kitchen and would like to leave the spigot on, but I have a leak at the hose bib and at the hose behind the Y-faucet union, especially when pressure builds up in the hose. If I replaced the hose bib seal, and re crimped the hose end, do you think that would solve my problem (assuming those are the issues), or will I need some sort of pressure regulator at the spigot?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated, thank you.


    • Pdxdrummer
      on Feb 22, 2018

      I would suggest to never leave the garden hose on under pressure unattended for long. There are so many variations of quality and wouldn't trust most. It stresses them and a failure could easily turn into a flooded yard and waste of a tremendous amount of water in a short time.

      As far as pressure goes for the faucet, it is the same as if it were connected indoors so valve turned on all the way or whatever one should choose for a satisfactory stream is fine. I would turn faucet on all the way and then adjust spigot open just enough to get desired results. The 2.5 gallon aerator on most faucets would negate any more potential flow.

      Sidenote: a half open spigot or fully open spigot results in same pressure while static (faucet off).

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  • Pdxdrummer
    on Feb 22, 2018

    Stumbled across this neat project while searching for simplest design for fittings to garden hose to save me a half hour of scratching my head in the plumbing section at the Depot. I'm wanting a "y" configuration for both sides active. I didn't see what you did but suspect one side was capped or maybe the 2 handle design doesn't allow bypass like the single handle mixer does.

    To add to your creation here I might suggest a little garden fountain pump dropped in the bucket with a small hose run out to a garden bed so you never have to pull out the bucket. Be sure it's plugged into a proper exterior GFCI protected outlet or just get a portable GFCI to connect intermediately.

  • Stephcicc
    on Sep 27, 2018

    Would be even more awesome if the water flow could be controlled a foot pump. I would think that most of the time one is using this, their hands are dirty and would avoid touching faucet knobs with dirty hands.

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