New Spring 2013 Flower Garden

A lot of hard work was put into the making of this garden, it wasn't as easy as i had thought it would be, but in the end it is a beautiful garden...
Digging up sod is hard work.
Laying paver stone is a lot more difficult than it looks.
I put the landscape fabric under the stone to hopefully cut down on the weeds.
Added some colored glass stone.My yucca plant in the back ground didnt look too good after transplanting it there but it sprung back after a month or so :)
Plants are in.Had to add a little more top soil to fill in the water puddles
Hanging coleus
Hung up a couple bicycle tire rims for my morning glories to climb. Hub cap flower in there also
Cone flowers and shasta daisies. Along with wild morning glories which i eventually uprooted,they were strangling the other plants.
Hostas. My sister gave me these and in the years she had them she said they never bloomed for her and a month after i planted them....they bloomed :)
Double purple moon flowers.
And the morning glories have taken over....

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  • Deanna
    on Apr 5, 2014

    @Sue Pountney I did a little research on this plant for you,i didnt really know alot about it myself outside of it being a beautiful plant. And yes you can buy it in England :) Here is a link that i found that may be helpful to you,would love for you to let me know how you make out : Scroll down to the last two plants....

  • Cheryl Newman
    on Jul 5, 2014

    Great job - gardening is hard work but so much fun. I would suggest a thick layer or compost/mulch around the plants to keep the weeds at bay and conserve moisture

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