How to keep wildlife from devouring plants?

We have rabbits and mule deer. Even plants labeled deer resistant do not dissuade these deer.

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  • 27524803 27524803 on Nov 30, 2017
    We have friends who have deer issues... and there are a couple of things that have worked for them... The plant a sacrificial garden with things that the deer LOVE... out away from the real garden, which has a 6 ft. tall fence. To discourage them further, it has a solar hot wire on the top. They also use a motion activated 'rain bird" sprinkler that shoots them and the bunnies with a strong stream of water to cover the part of the yard with no fence.
  • Barbara Baldwin Barbara Baldwin on Nov 30, 2017
    I encouraged mule deer to come by every so often. They did a much better job pruning my plants than I could do. Strawberries, marigolds, soap plant, thyme...
  • Bijous Bijous on Nov 30, 2017
    One of the cheapest ways to deter wild animals is to "mark" your territory with urine. If you just can't bring yourself to do that, sporting stores sell wolf urine that works.
  • Pascale Nguyen Pascale Nguyen on Nov 30, 2017
    We live amongst deer and rabbits! The only way is to build a high fence for the deer and for the rabbits a low one so they can't get in. You have to experiment with plants but so far they haven't touched iris, lavender, lithrope, marigolds, hellebores, boxwood and herbs (mint, basil, sage, rosemary, thyme and oregano)
  • Linda Linda on Nov 30, 2017
    Find a supplier of Plantskydd. Sprinkle it around your plants & the animals should stay away. There is also a liquid that you can spray on the plants. This is 100% safe.