How to keep external walls dry, how to stop the rain soaking into them

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  • Peg Peg on Nov 30, 2017
    I would like more info to answer you.
  • What siding is on the building? Stucco, wood, vinyl siding? When was the house built?
  • FL FL on Nov 30, 2017
    What are the walls made of? Answer here so we can help. okay?
  • SandyG SandyG on Nov 30, 2017
    It's either coming down off the roof and gutters are not taking care of the water or it is coming through the bottom of the walls, maybe there is a slope in the yard, toward the house, and french drains are needed. Finding where the water is coming from and fixing that is the first step to getting the walls dried.
  • Sharon Sharon on Nov 30, 2017
    Wood walls, scrape loose paint off, prime and paint with good exterior grade paint. I caulk and repaint window sills annually. I usually repaint the side of the house hit with the storms from the ocean and river every fall as there are tiny bits of paint missing from the gale force winds.
    Concrete, cinderblock, paint with waterproofing product like Drylok, Blue Max, Behr has one too.
    Caulk any areas where the water could penetrate, cracks, voids, seams etc. I use clear or white silicon caulk.
    Gutters and downspouts are the best way to move water away from the building.... Keep them clean, in good repair and use extenders at bottom of downspouts to move the water away from the building. Every fall I have my handyman tap the fastners to the roof, and caulk the roof line/soffit on top of gutters. I have my gutters cleaned at least twice a year here in the PNW. If the gutters have an area where it continually overflows, add an extra downspout. I added a downspout, extenders, and covers to my gutters cause of the big trees and their needles and leaves.
    If you have snow, and get ice dams, add an ice dam coating along the roof line next time you reroof. For now, sweep and shovel the roof edges.