How to remove candle wax spill from carpet?

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  • Cora Beth Cora Beth on Nov 30, 2017
    put a towel or paper towel over the wax and press a hot iron till you get all. I used this method hope it works for you.
  • Peg Peg on Nov 30, 2017
    Please restate your question as it is cut off.
  • Sallie Wolff Sallie Wolff on Nov 30, 2017
    Use an ice cube to harden then scrape off, I use one of my member cards or a credit card edge. If spill is in fabric after scrapping majority off place fabric between two paper bags then iron on low setting, the wax will soak into the paper bag.
  • FL FL on Nov 30, 2017
    Okay, this site tells you how to remove candle wax from everything from walls to hair, from furniture to carpets, from fabric to tv or computer screens. I hope it helps.
  • Debbie Debbie on Nov 30, 2017
    I spilled candle wax on my nightstand. I used an ice pack from my freezer which I keep for my bad shoulder. Anyway...It worked perfectly. Just put the pack on the wax and press down a minute or so and it will break off in chunks. After that I used a credit card to scrape the remainder and then I finished it off by using goo gone and a tissue to get the remainder up. It worked great!

  • Cheryl Rowland Cheryl Rowland on Nov 30, 2017
    e first method I would suggest is the hot iron and either paper towels or a piece of scrap material. You place the paper towel/cloth over the stain and then use a hot iron (dry heat not steam) the wax should adhere to the paper towel or cloth. A second method would be to point a blow dryer on high at the spot and scrape with either an old credit card over even a butter knife. The third method would be to use ice cubes especially if the wax is on a flat surface. The ice will make the wax harden and it should be able to be removed because it will crack into pieces.