Can I add a second wireless doorbell

My doorbell is in the dining room and when I am not in this area I often cannot hear it rinning. Is there a bell I can buy that I can install "around the corner" that works wireless to support the one I have?

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  • Is your original doorbell a traditional hard wired style? If so, yes, you can install a second wireless doorbell. Otherwise I would call in the pros to install 2 new doorbells for you so you do not have 2 wireless doorbells competing one another. My girlfriend has 3 doorbells and tried to install wireless themselves and they had a heck of a time, they had to call in a licensed tech person to sort it out.
  • Ken Ken on Dec 01, 2017
    Unlike wired doorbells there is not much standardization in wireless doorbells. They cut corners to make a system that functions in one way only at the lowest price because most customers shop for price. Adding an accessory ringer, if possible, would likely require reengineering and soldering wires onto a circuit board.

    Perhaps if you provided the manufacturer of your wireless doorbell and the model number we could look on their web site and get that answer for you. It may be as simple as buying another doorbell kit.
    • Siri Siri on Dec 01, 2017
      Thank you so much. We got some great ideas and now I know that there is a solution.
  • Vid28378667 Vid28378667 on Dec 01, 2017
    QVC has a wireless doorbell you can put it wherever you need it.