Screen porch ideas for manufactured home

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  • Grace Terry Grace Terry on Dec 01, 2017
    Be sure you have a ceiling fan. Furnish with thrift store wicker and bright cushions for the seats can be made from old bed pillows and repurposed pillow shams (also available from thrift stores). Put lots of low maintenance potted plants. A small electric water Fountain adds a nice sound. Bird feeders and/or bird bath nearby outside the porch attract feathered friends. Enjoy!

  • 27524803 27524803 on Dec 01, 2017
    We have 5 cats and a coyote problem. We needed a screened patio to keep them safe. We bought a manufactured home, that already had an aluminum patio cover on the back (18 ft X 18 ft) over a cement patio slab. We added extra posts, (ours are 2 1/2 in metal because we had them on hand) but you could use 4x4 post on a metal base. We used perforated 4 ft X 8 ft steel sheets* (like on a steel security screen door) and self tapping screws to attach them on the inside of the posts. Tim made our 48 inch security screen doors ($$$$ to buy) but most large home improvement stores carry them for under $150 in standard 30- 36 inch sizes.
    The metal screening is better for us than standard screen wire (no escapees or uninvited guests) but wood frames with standard window screen wire is certainly do-able.
    *Often available at fencing and metal supplies, sometimes available a big home improvement stores, and by special order there