UGGH! I have 2 walls covered with mirrors, hate them! Flooring over??

I have an 80's FlaDuh villa with 2 walls covered with floor to ceiling mirrors that are glued to the drywall. I'm looking for a relatively easy way to transform them.

After reading this post:
I'm inspired!!!

First question: do you think the mirrors would stay in place (not break) if I use tongue and groove vinyl flooring with adhesive to glue them in place?

Do you think the adhesive will properly dry if applied to mirrors?

If you all think the mirrors may break doing this, how can I achieve the same look without needing things such as a table saw, nail gun, etc. I do have hand tools. I don't want to have to build a stud wall, break into the floor tiles, etc.

As always, thanks so much for your thoughful and creative advice!

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