Shabby Farmhouse style cabinet

I had bought a glass door cabinet that needed a bottom half to it. I knew I wanted to keep the cabinet exactly the way it was and not paint over it's great old paint patina. This meant I would have to find a bottom that I could paint to match as close as I could. I scrounged around in my storage room and came up with an old sewing cabinet. My next quest was to put a top on it. I found some left over boards from our fence we had taken down last year. I decided to cut them in half so they would be smaller planks to lay across the top of sewing cabinet. I then screwed them to the top. Filled in the holes and sanded a lot cause fence boards are rough! Which I didn't mind for the look I was going for just didn't want splinters.
I then set out to match the paint on the cabinet. Luckily I had all three colors that were very close. I painted the top in Firecracker by American Paint company. Painted the bottom old white by Annie Sloan and then used some French Grey milk paint to use some grey in spots like the glass top cabinet had. I then shabbied it all up except not to much on the very top cause didn't want screw hole patches to show through. I glazed the whole bottom of cabinet. Sealed with a satin poly. I think for having to blend it with the top cabinet colors I didn't do to bad!!
Here it is with the boards screwed to top.
This is the cabinet I started with to match
Here is the sewing cabinet with paint before I shabbied and glazed
Here it is all done

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