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Repurposing a Terrarium for Christmas Decor

One of my favorite things to do is repurpose something for a new unintended use. I was shopping, when I saw this plant terrarium in Marshall’s. To justify buying it in the middle of winter, I needed to come up with an alternate use. On my way to the checkout, TWO people stopped me and asked what it was used for. I told that it was a small plant terrarium but I was going to put Christmas ornaments in it. Once I brought it home, I began playing with placing items around it. 🎄

Time: 30 Minutes Cost: $30 Difficulty: Easy
I couldn’t believe my luck while out Christmas shopping that I spotted several at Marshall’s. I decided that since it wasn’t spring yet, I would fill it with Christmas ornaments.
I used some ornaments that I had and realized how much room there was so I needed to back to the Dollar Tree and get some more super sized ornaments.
I had picked up craft letters at Walmart that spelled “joy“ and decided to add them to the terrarium. I couldn’t decide on what color to paint them so I turned to the discussion section of Hometalk. I got a lot of great suggestions there. You can find it under Discussions on my profile page.
Originally, I was going to hang the “joy“ garland fashion from the table.
First, I painted them all black then I decided that I rather liked the “o” white.
I painted it white and distressed it.I hope Santa brings me more sanding sponges. This one is on its last legs.
I attached the letters with bits of ribbon. I might put them on the tree someday, as well.
I added a strand of battery operated led lights.
Still playing around with the decor... I have no idea what it will end up looking like this Christmas.
Happy Holidays! 🎄
Nighttime shot...

Materials used for this project:

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