Cheap School or Office Command Center

My daughter does online school and like a brick and mortar school she has folders for every class. I was tired of her folders being so disorganized and not knowing which work needed to be checked and what was left to complete. As I was getting ready to throw away another cereal box inspiration struck, I could make a Cheap School or Office Command Center. This couldn’t have been any easier and the fabric helps fortify the cereal boxes for long term use. Since we used a foam board you can even tack pictures or notes to it, which is great for the office, school, or even just mail. Both my daughter and I couldn’t be happier with how cute this came out!
Time: 40 MinutesCost: $6Difficulty: Easy
  • cheap school or office command center
Place the fabric print side down. Put the foam board on top. Cut the fabric leaving a 3-inch overlap on all sides. 
  • cheap school or office command center
Using the glue, adhere the fabric to the back of the board making sure to pull it tight to avoid wrinkles. 
  • cheap school or office command center
Cut off one of the vertical sides of the cereal box. Using a ruler move 2 inches from the cut edge and draw a line from the top of the box to the bottom. Then measure 2 inches from the top and bottom and create a point on the line. Draw an intersecting line from the corner of the cut side to the point. This will form the upside down trapezoid shape you need. Cut from the open end down the slanted line, across the original line drawn, and then back up the second slanted line. Do this for both cereal boxes.
  • cheap school or office command center
Cover the front of the boxes with fabric and glue same as the board.
  • cheap school or office command center
Add any trim details.
  • cheap school or office command center
Glue the cereal boxes onto the front of the fabric covered foam board. Lay the board on a flat surface and place heavy books into the folder pockets to add weight. Let dry overnight. 
  • cheap school or office command center
This can be hung using nails, screws, or attaching command hooks. Even with heavy books being placed in the pockets on a daily basis for a few months now this command center is still holding up perfectly. You can read more here:

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