Inexpensive Candy Garland

Last year I shared how to make lollipops from pool noodles for my Christmas Decor. This year I decided to use more pool noodles to add to a candy garland for above my garage. Below is last years large lollipops.
Time: 1 DaysCost: $5Difficulty: Easy
  • inexpensive candy garland
For the candy garland, I would cut the size of the pool noodle down. So grab your pool noodle and a piece of PVC pipe and let's get started on items for the garland. No dogs required!
  • inexpensive candy garland
Step 1: I cut the pool noodle in half. This pool noodle was the smaller size one that you usually find for $1.
Then I slit the noodle half lengthwise and began to roll it into a circle. I glued the end using hot glue.
You can find all of the details on how I did this on my other post.
  • inexpensive candy garland
Step 2: I took the shrink wrap that you use for basket making and cut it in half. I wasn't sure if it would still shrink but it did. I took the hair dryer to it and it shrink beautifully. I twisted the ends and added some ribbon.
  • inexpensive candy garland
Step 3: Next I cut the PVC pipe into 6-8 lengths. You can make yours as long as you like. I wrapped it with tape to make off stripes and then painted it red. You could also use red tape if you have it.

The candy canes do not have a curve at the top, but when they are hung on the garland, they look fine.
  • inexpensive candy garland
Step 4: I also used a plastic container that had potato salad in it from the store for gum drops. I sprayed painted the inside with blue paint and once it was dried, I added Mod Podge on the outside an sprinkled it with blue glitter from Martha Stewart.

When that dried, I sprayed it with clear lacquer to seal it. I poked holes in the plastic container and ran a piece of wire through ti so I could adhere it to the garland.
  • inexpensive candy garland
Step 5: I had some clear plastic bulbs. I used green and red nail polish to color them. Add the nail polish to the inside and swirl around. Take the bulb and place it in a cup filled with a paper towel to absorb the excess. I left mine over night.
  • inexpensive candy garland
Step 6: I added the candies, gun drops and candy canes to my garland. Since it was to go over my garage door, I laid out the garland across the driveway and then placed the items on the garland.

I added some bows and so other decorations and then hung it up.
  • inexpensive candy garland
I did not add light to this garland but you could. I already had my lights up so just added this above them.
  • inexpensive candy garland
  • inexpensive candy garland
This garland did not cost me anything since I already had all of the items. However, the cost would be minimal since you could make use of items you had around your house,

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