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Upcycled Advent Wreath From RECYCLED Tin Cans

If you and your family enjoy the Advent season together, I know you like decorating your home accordingly. By this, you'll be adding warmth and happiness to your home like I enjoy doing every year.

If money is a little tight or you enjoy the process of creating and also giving goods a new life by recycling trash into treasures, then

you've found the perfect seasonal craft project!

In this post, I'll be showing you how to decorate the uniquely designed element for the SECOND Sunday of Advent.

If you hop on over to my blog Craftify My Love, you'll find a detailed step by step photo documentary on how to decorate for the FIRST Sunday of Advent + Video tutorials for the THIRD and FOURTH Sunday in Advent.
Time: 45 Minutes Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy
I mainly used recycled, thrifted or collected goods in it and only bought the candles. The ribbon I already had at home, too.

For a detailed supply list, scroll all the way down in this post.
Step 1: Cut a piece of the wider ribbon so it will lightly overlap. Add hot glue to the can, wait a couple of seconds and then fix the ribbon to the can.

Pay attention to not burn yourself as the hot glue will probably seep through the burlap ribbon.
Wrap the burlap ribbon around the can and apply hot glue on top of the already glued on end.

Again, let the hot glue set for a couple of minutes and then press the ribbon down to fix it.
Step 2: My sparkly Rudolf ornament had a funny gap in the front which I didn't like. After I gave this some thought, I decided to dress up my reindeer in a red scarf

For this, I cut a piece of red ribbon that comes with wire in the sides and knotted it around the reindeer's neck.
Because of the wire, I could bend the scarf as if it were blown by a cold winter breeze. Darling, really!

Step 3: Using hot glue, you'll be applying the reindeer ornament to your can.

You could glue the ornament exactly on the opening of the previously added ribbon. This way it won't be visible anymore.
After adding the moss, you'll be sticking the candle into your upcycled can.

If you hop on over to my blog Craftify My Love, you'll be finding a detailed photo description on how to prepare the candles.
Learn how to decorate No. 3 of your upcycled Advent wreath in the video below:
And to finish off your frugal, thrifty, and extra crafty Advent project make sure to continue watching the second part of my video tutorial on how to create part 4 of your Christmas decor.

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