Someone's Treasure!

A friend was moving away and ready to throw this beauty in the dumpster. I jumped with joy and scurried, like a rat with a stolen block of fresh cheese, back to my home with it. Now mind y'all, this poor thing was painted Pepto Bismol pink (handles and all), covered in nicotine stains, and just plain GROSS! A good scrub down, elbow grease and fresh paint, and she is a beauty worth showing off. I am currently looking for just the right pieces I want to display on here, but here it is now. I love it! I cannot believe some of the things people throw out.
Top portion of 2-piece dresser/hutch.
I painted the beautiful handles black to give it the older feel. The piece itself, I painted French White satin finish.
These hurricane candle holders were another rescue, as is the jewelry box. I really like the looks of the simple detail of this piece. I have no idea just how old it is, but my friend had owned it since 1955, and it was her mother's before that.

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