I NEED HELP, HELP, HELP, HELP- paperbag floor help

i was working on my paperbag floor and it was looking soooooooooooo good, then i got the brilliant idea to put a little glam and glitter on it, well I guess i put too much on it... and now it looks like s**t. Thank god I only did 1/4 of the floor, I tried scraping it off with a straight edge razor blade and for the most part it took a lot of them off... however... there are sections where the sparkles or whatever you call them that can not be scraped off. Is it possible to re-do the floor with the elmers glue solution OVER the areas that are pollied ??? I need some answers quick, if anyone can advise i would appreciate it. I tried sanding them off, no go, I tried putting more poly over a portion thinking it would release the glam but it didn't now my only choice is to re-do the parts that have the sparkles... it totally took the leather affect out of the floor.. I am so disgusted, i spent days and days and days trying to make it perfect and in a moments lack of judgement I totally messed up the look. Any suggestions?
I started a small area using more of the elmers and less water hoping it will stick, it is drying now and i hope this works otherwise I am going to pull my hair out!!!!

help help help

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