Asked on Dec 18, 2017

How to get a water stain from a leak on the celing



The spots are small, about 3 of them. The largest one size of a baseball.

8 answers
  • Laura
    on Dec 18, 2017

    try to spray with bleach
    • Sharon
      on Dec 18, 2017

      Be sure to spread a large plastic tarp over any furniture or carpet underneath, and roll up and put in a bucket to dispose of outside.
  • Updiane
    on Dec 18, 2017

    an old carpenter gave me this tip. coat surface with shellac and then repaint. It worked wonders and the stain never bled through
  • William
    on Dec 18, 2017

    Use a stain blocking primer like KILZ over the stains. Then touch up or repaint with paint.
  • Debbie
    on Dec 18, 2017

    best to paint over it with Killz it then repaint the ceiling. You need to seal the spots before you paint as they tend to bleed through your fresh painted ceiling.
  • Peg
    on Dec 18, 2017

    if the source of the water stain is taken care of then you can just repaint the spots.
  • Joy30150932
    on Dec 18, 2017

    Fix the problem. Prime the spot with Zinsser and then touch up with your ceiling color.
  • Fiddledd224
    on Dec 18, 2017

    Once the leak has stopped, see if using a blow dryer helps dry the spot. Once dry, you should just paint over it.
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