Why won't my Lap Top & Printer connect to each other?

Ever since I got my new printer I can't get it to connect to my Lap Top. I even called the company that made the printer & they were no help either. What I need is a LapTop with a disc drive because my printer came with a disc to connect the two together. But my LapTop does not have a disc drive & you can NOT find a LapTop that has a disc drive anymore. All because of these STUPID SmartPhones & other STUPID new gadgets that these companies come out with. So how is a person suppose to do anything if they do NOT have these things & do NOT want all these new gadgets? As you can tell is that I'm getting really FED-UP with all this stuff. For crying out loud I'm 64 & I do NOT need all this hassle to learn new things. It's all for these young kids NOT me.

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