5 Best Container Vegetables for Beginning Gardeners

Here are my 5 favorite container veggies for beginning gardeners. They’re all easy to start from seed and will grow happily in containers on your patio, driveway, poolside…wherever you can fit ‘em.

Important! Container plants need excellent potting soil and natural fertilizers to grow their best. Click here to see the exact fertilizer I use and recommend.

"Bush Slicer" cucumber: Juicy slicing cucumbers in record time on disease resistant, dwarf bushes, perfect for a small space or container. The 6 to 8 inch long fruits have smooth, tender skin and sweet, crisp flesh.

“Pot of Gold” chard: Delicious, reliable and highly ornamental, these vigorous plants have crunchy golden stems contrasting with deep green leaves. Perfect for containers or striking mixed borders.

To see the rest and get container planting tips, visit my site! http://brownthumbmama.com/2014/02/5-best-container-vegetables.html

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  • Sterling DeBold
    on Jan 16, 2016

    Where is a good place to buy these? Please write to stuis007@yahoo.com

  • Theresa Shearer
    on Feb 20, 2016

    Can spinach and grape tomatoes be grown in a container?

    • Dfm
      on Feb 22, 2016

      oh heavens yes. the 'maters need a good sized container between- 5 and 7 gallon. and proper soil mix. so 5 gal. paint buckets scrubbed out and rinsed well work fine, as well as the galvanized slightly rusted in the bottom wash tubs.. i also like the 5 gal. grow bags, a couple inches of peat moss mixed w/ pearlite in the bottom, roll down the top, toss in a seed, when it sprouts and has 2 leaves, roll the top up a few inches, and add proper growing medium as seeding gets taller. spinach does ok, but generally has a bit more shallow root system. and it's a rabbit magnet. rascally wabbits got it all last year. this year i'm trying the bottle tower system for my salad vegs.

    • David Ogden
      on Apr 24, 2016

      You should have know problems had a great crop that I picked 3 times

    • Dfm
      on Apr 25, 2016


  • Renae Lindbloom
    on Apr 19, 2016

    Can Tomatoes be grown successfully in containers?

    • Kat5797271
      on Apr 20, 2016

      Yes I do it every year

    • David Ogden
      on Apr 24, 2016

      I plant 3 times a year in florida

      , Burpee Air looms, Burpee Hybrids, Yellow onions
    • Linda Chiles Williams
      on Aug 4, 2016

      Yes! I do it just about every year

    • Dfm
      on Jan 26, 2017

      the answer is yes, but you will container that holds a min. of 5 gallons of soil, and be prepared to fertilize at the appropriate times, and check moisture levels daily. some one once told me that a tomato plant will drink 1 gal. of water per day. irreg. watering can cause the tomatoes to split open and or have end blossom rot.

    • Dfm
      on Jan 26, 2017

      I've noted that several seed catalogs have devoted pages to container gardening and seed varieties. if you are unsure what types of seed to start for your containers, a tourist trap of gardeners is located in ne. iowa. heritage farms sells heirloom seeds- old fashioned varieties, and they will provide instructions on when to harvest and how to save the seeds for next year. I've now learned they have a set of seeds bred just for containers. oh yahhh!

    • David Ogden
      on Jan 28, 2017

      If you use a storage bin like the ones in Walmart or Home Depot that you store cloths in. I plant 2 tomatoes in each bin with great results. Just make sure you use good soil an fertilizer. Drill holes in the bottom. You will not need to water often when the plants are small. but water more often as they get bigger.

  • Enj8908115
    on Jul 23, 2016

    How often do we need to water squash plants? My keep on falling from the plant when they still little. I am able to pick just 2or 3 maximum from a plant. Please help

  • Jasmine Bhupinder Sahota
    on Jun 23, 2017

    i like to know do we trim all veggie plant like bottle gourd or bitter melon.
  • Vivian Powers
    on May 17, 2018

    How do make a copper hammered. Look on the bottom wall in my dining room

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  • NancyMaria
    on Jan 9, 2019

    I love to plant spaghetti squash in buckets. That way when you water, you water the roots and not getting the squash wet or rotting. And plant that spreads out work great in containers.

  • Jordan Le Bouton
    on Mar 11, 2019

    I am older and so want to grow things. Hard for me to get down and then back up so this will be the answer to my quest. How exciting. Have a nice big plantable back yard but need my new hip first. Yea!

    • Linda Pettinicchi
      on Mar 26, 2019

      Buy big flower pots from Riteaid drugstore for 10 dollars each,punch out holes and fill with potting soil,very light weight,when soil is dry,can be used over again,just add some new potting soil,pots last longer,if put away for winter,out the sun,use lawn cart,less stress on hips

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