How to inside mount blinds on these windows

I was planning to install bamboo blinds in our newly purchased home by mounting them inside the window and hanging curtains on the outside, however the quarter round molding is proving to be a problem. The molding is 1 1/8" wide, and is curved, so I do not have a flat mounting surface, and most blinds/shades require at least 1 1/2". Is there any type of shade/blind/window covering that I can use inside my windows or is the only solution to mount them on the outer window frame -I am trying to avoid outside mount because my curtains will hang there. I know curtains are supposed to hang above the window frames on the wall, however want to avoid that as well because walls are plaster. (the white in the picture is the actual window) Any ideas appreciated, I am stumped on what to do with these windows and all of them are like this.
q how to inside mount blinds on these windows
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