SK's Little French Bistro

This poor baby was left in the weather too long and was so upset it started to split.
It needed to be completely sanded down to the wood. I then wood patched the rotted areas and sanded.
The two chairs saw the worst of the damage. I unscrewed the screws from underneath that held the wood to the rod iron frame.
Some areas were rotted and had to be filled and sanded.
Sanding, sanding, sanding.
The first coat was painted a durable deep chocolate enamel. When this first coat was dry I added a crackle medium and let it dry overnight.
I painted a top coat of old cream which crackled nicely.
After the cream coat crackled and dried I washed the surface with a watered down chocolate and then wiped off. This left a nice stain in the cracks. Making this look very old.
I used Durhams Hardrock putty troweled over a stencil, leaving a 3-d design. When the putty was dry I sanded it a little smoother to take off the peaks.
I used a watered down chocolate glaze to antique the whole surface. Then removed most of it. The designs held more of the glaze making them darker than the cream surface.
After drying for several hours I then used a lime wash to make areas look more chalky.
I painted the iron legs a beautiful scarlet.
After the piece had dried again I began to paint small amounts of the graphic a copper metal effects paint from Modern masters. The patina goes a very nice green.
This technique require some patience. But the final look is close to old leather.
The copper has gotten it's final patina. I lime washed the surface a second time and wipe most of it off. This leaves a chalky look around the graphics.
I then used a marine spar varnish to seal.
Thanks for visiting. SK

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